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Cookies and local storage policy

Using this website with your browser's cookies and local storage settings enabled requires the acceptance of our use of cookies according to this policy. To avoid cookies, it is possible to disable them in the web browser. Cookies and local storage are part of the web technology and are not harmful, but it is important that you understand the implications to your privacy. This policy is part of our privacy policy and explains the following:

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small temporary files stored in your browsing device (computer, telephone, tablet, etc) when you visit a website. Cookies enable the website to store certain information in your device, for example to store user preferences or to recognize you if you visit the website later. When a cookie is created in your device, the following information is stored:

What are cookies used for?

What is local storage?

A local storage is a file created by a website in your device. Cookies are just one type of local storage, but there are others. It is important that you know them so you can block them or delete the data stored by them:

What are third-party cookies?

Many websites incorporate functions or features provided by third parties, like:

Website function or feature Third party providing the function or feature Privacy policy of the third party

Google Analytics Google, Inc

Google Maps, Youtube Google, Inc

Manage web traffic through a cloudflare content delivery network

Analytics and tecnical functions Nexudus Limited

Some of these functions track your browsing in order to create a profile of your interests, so they can show you advertisements that are relevant to you. Cookies and local storage are tools that help to collect your browsing behaviour.

Web browsers with a private browsing option

If you want to browse this website with a higher degree of privacy and limitating the cookies that are stored for long amounts of time, we recomend that you make use of a web browser with a “private” browsing obtion. You may obtain more information on this possibility in the help pages of the main web browsers:

Web browser Name of “private browsing” option To get more information

Internet Explorer 8 and later Microsoft Edge InPrivate (Explorer) 2a9e-833107495ee5/browse-inprivate-in-microsoft-edge (Microsoft Edge)

Safari 2 and later Private browsing

Opera 10.5 and lager Private browsing

FireFox 3.5 and later Private browsing without-history

Google Chrome 10 and later Incognito mode

How do I block or delete the cookies?

The majority of web browsers allow you to disable completely the use of Cookies. They also allow you to delete cookies created by specific domains/websites. To find out how to do it, please refer to your browser's help page.

The information is also covered in web browser's online support pages:

Some information may be stored in your browser's local storage, Flash local storage and Silverlight local storage. To delete it:

To prevent the use of cookies by Google Analytics:

Remember: if you block cookies, it is possible that certain services or functions do not work properly.

In order to help you delete or block cookies, the following lists contains cookies used by this website. Most web browsers have the option just to block or delete cookies for specific domains, so you do not have to delete them all:

Function or feature Cookie Domain Persistence Purpose and name of its provider

First party cookies Temporary and persistent cookies One day Essential (technical) cookies necessary to run
the website or to
remember certain user preferences

Google Analytics Temporary and persistent cookies Years Web analytics (Google, Inc.) (__utma, __utmb, __utmc, Transfer data outside the EU __utmz, __utmv, _ga)

Google Functions Temporary and persistent cookies, Years Web analytics (Google Maps, (VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, PREF, YSC, etc).,, Technical Youtube, +1, Browser local storage.,, Authentication Google Remarketing, Flash Local Storage., User preferences Google Translate, etc), Tracking (Google, Inc.), Advertising,, Location, etc Security Transfer data outside the EU

Cloudflare persistent Cookies Years Cookies técnicas, , seguridad, analíticas

Social functions Temporary and * Years Web analytics from Twitter persistent cookies. Technical Browser local storage. * Authentication (Twitter, Inc.) Flash Local Storage. User preferences Tracking Advertising Location Transfer data outside the EU

Nexudus Temporary and Years Web analytics, Technical persistent cookies (_ga, _gat etc) .
Transfer data outside the EU

NOTE: this information was updated on JANUARY 2018 and we regularly check it to ensure correctness, but we can't assure it is 100% accurate at all the times.